Debut single 'eyja' is composed, filmed and partly recorded in Northern Iceland. 'eyja' is also Icelandic for 'island', which is a perfect title for a song about isolation and postponing. And the consequences for your social life. The track is a cooperation with electronic artist Adriaan De Roover (oaktree). On October 26th 2017, the video was premiered by DeMorgen.be, and quickly picked up by various blogs, playlists, and radio stations like Studio Brussel & Radio 1 (Belgium), amazingradio.com and Rúv 2 (Iceland).

OUTER, the self titled debut album is short, which is atypical for this kind of music. At the same time, every second is as important, and there still is much space for silence and slowness. The album was presented in a sold out Minard theatre in Gent, and was received very well by press and public. Belgian national newspaper De Standaard added the album to their “9 albums that should have had more attention in 2018”.

On September 20th 2019, the album will be re-released on Swedish label 1631 Recordings.

the album

Brandnew, Belgian, and simply beautiful
— Studio Brussel
A marvelous piece of art
— Damusic
Belgian outfit channel the same ethereal bliss as Sigur Rós
— Mystic Sons